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Scented decorative kitVisualiser

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Scented decorative kit Collection : Cèdre

Ref : CED-119

€ 9.95

In stock  - Shipped within 2-3 working days

1 room spray 50 ml, 6 scented ceramic, 1 ribbon


With this scented decorative kit, give free rein to your creativity and embellish your home for celebration and other occasions.
Design a unique decoration, to suit your mood, using the ribbon and the chiselled perfumed ceramic pieces.

This kit includes:

- 1 room spray Cèdre 50 ml, will fill your home with a warm and woody fragrance, floating as a festive atmospher
- 4 scented ceramic glittered stars
- 2 scented ceramic glittered flakes
- 1 golden satin ribbon

The product bonus:

You can restore as many times as you wish the scent of your garland with Cèdre refresher oil. 

You simply need to add a few drops on ceramic pieces.


A fresh woody perfume
Lead notes: grapefruit, nutmeg
Heart notes: cedarwood, clove, patchouli
Base notes: sandalwood, balsam, vanilla

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