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Happiness pin's scented ceramicVisualiser

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Happiness pin's scented ceramic Collection : Thyme - wild fig

Ref : DTF-006

€ 6.50

In stock  - Shipped within 2-3 working days

Approx 8 cm - 3.1 in.



An unexpected nod to nature or personalized decoration and a convivial atmosphere.

The product bonus

Can be refilled as many times as you like using refresher oil from the same collection. Offers discreet, gradual fragrance release. French manufacture, the most concentrated scent of the range, as often as possible based on natural materials, including essential oils, preservative free, recycable glass bottle.


Fun and charming in equal measure,
they feature a little clip allowing you to add a little poetic touch to your living space wherever you like: picture frame, curtains, plant pot… or why not at the office: lamp shade, diary, pen pot... or you can simply offer the charms as gifts.


As a dry, hot wind combining notes from the garrigue with fruity notes of the wild fig.

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