• Concentré de parfum 15 ml
Concentré de parfum 15 ml

White cotton
Refresher oil 15 ml

  • Faithful restoration of the perfume
  • Multi-purpose (diffusers, ceramics, incense burner)
  • Immediate scented atmosphere
  • Recyclable glass bottle
  • Bottle 15 ml

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The caress of a light breeze on a cotton flower

-Fraîcheur & légèreté

The Blanc Coton fragrance faithfully reflects the softness of the cotton flower. The purity of the cotton is nuanced by notes of freshness that bring more lightness to the perfume.


The Blanc Coton perfume blends perfectly with the soft cocoon in which it is diffused. This neutral scent divinely marries every room in the house.


White Cotton belongs to the olfactory family of flowers. The perfume transcribes the finesse and purity of the flower. Intensely powdered, White Cotton has a comforting smell, echoing the cleanliness of an interior, the serenity that emanates from it.


How to use

My refresher oil
  • On your Estéban ceramics: Pour a few drops directly on your ceramic to revive the scent of it.

  • In your perfume mist diffuser: Pour a few drops mixed with water into your diffuser, turn it on to enjoy your favorite fragrance.

+Regulatory information
Contains linalool, citronellol, cis-p-menthan- 7-ol, HCA, geraniol, benzyl salicylate, MMDHCA, hexyl salicylate, iso-E-super, α-isomethylionone, geranyl acetate, cyclamen aldehyde, coumarin, ß-3-trimethyl benzenepropanol, isolongifolanone may cause an allergic skin reaction. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

A floral-green


White cotton, the caress of a light breeze on a cotton flower with its fresh floral fragrance.




They tested it, they liked it

Refresher oil 15 ml
  • Utilisation intérieure
  • Diffusion permanente à froid
  • Fabrication 100% française
White cotton
Refresher oil 15 ml
SKU : DBC-005
There are not enough products in stock