• perfume pouch
perfume pouch

Lemongrass and Mint
perfume pouch

  • Official licensed product of Paris 2024
  • Cotton gauze fabric, pouch lined cotton
  • 1 scented ceramic refill, perfumed in it core in our workshops in France
  • Ideal to perfume all your small spaces: handbags, sports bags, drawers, small closed cabinets...
  • Infinitely refillable with Estéban ceramic 
  • A fresh musky floral fragrance

JOP-008 | Available - 48-72h shipping
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Lemongrass and Mint Home fragrance

-A citrusy aromatic perfume

Our limited-edition fragrance: Lemongrass and Mint

The natural freshness of a duet of Lemongrass and Mint, a harmony of summer hues.

Olfactory Journey:

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a Mediterranean herb garden. Patches of wild mint spread their tender green blades along the path. You pick a few and gently crush them in the palm of your hand… and dip your nose to breathe in their delightful aroma. Your nostrils are immersed in a sweet aromatic bouquet, followed immediately by the tart freshness of a lemongrass plant you notice growing close by, surrounded by other fragrant herbs. A tangy cocktail that leaves a smile on your lips; summer has officially begun…


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How to use

My perfume pouch
  • Take refillable perfume pouch in small spaces: handbags, sports bags, drawers, small closed cabinets...

  • It diffuses your perfume for about 4 weeks depending on the conditions of use. Refill your perfume pouch by changing the ceramic.

+Recommendations of use
Do not place directly on an unprotected surface. Avoid prolonged contact with the skin. Do not install or manipulate the diffuser while driving. Keep the refill for the indicated purpose.
+Regulatory information
Contains 3,7-dimethyl-1,6-nonadien-3-ol, l-carvone, citronellal, eucalyptol, geraniol, 2,4-dimethyl-3-cyclohexen-1-carboxaldehyde, may cause an allergic skin reaction.

A fresh, citrusy aromatic


It’s the natural pleasure of a refreshing duo to enjoy the summer and its evenings.


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perfume pouch
  • Intensité de diffusion : localisée
  • Fabrication 100% française
  • Rechargeable à l'infini
Lemongrass and Mint
perfume pouch
SKU : JOP-008
Available - 48-72h shipping