• Vaporisateur 100 ml
  • Vaporisateur 100 ml
Vaporisateur 100 ml

Fig & Wood
Spray 100 ml

  • Diffusion according to your desires
  • Instant diffusion
  • Restore the subtlety of the perfume
  • Recyclable glass bottle
  • Spray 100 ml

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All the fruitiness of a late fig

-The woody strength of the fig tree

Fig & wood, an amazing but seductive olfactory positioning.


The Figue et Bois d’Estéban perfume is based on a combination of woody and fruity substances that add a certain singularity to the fragrance.


The fig gives the perfume notes of delicacies, slightly altered by the wood. The woody strength of the fig tree is put forward in this perfume.


How to use

My room spray
  • Press 2 to 3 times on the spray, in the air, at least 30 to 40 cm from the surrounding objects

  • For an optimal experience, repeat the operation 3-4 times a day.

+Recommendations of use
Spray at a distance from the objects. Avoid contact with eyes.
+Regulatory information
Contains amyl cinnamal, cyclopentadecanolide, cis-P-menthan-7-ol, may produce an allergic reaction

a fruity


The fig, iconic fruit of the Mediterranean breathes the sun and Provence. Cultivated for millennia, it is widely used in cooking and baking and now makes sense in perfumery.


The wood, foliage and fruit of the fig tree all have an iconic and characteristic odor. The complete use of the fig tree makes it possible to transcribe the aromas of the fruit as faithfully and intensely as possible.


They tested it, they liked it

Spray 100 ml
  • Intensité de diffusion : Intense
  • Fabrication 100% française
  • Utilisation intérieure
Fig & Wood
Spray 100 ml
SKU : DFB-003
There are not enough products in stock