• Concentré de parfum 15 ml
  • Refresher oil 15 ml
Concentré de parfum 15 ml

Refresher oil 15 ml

  • Faithful restoration of the perfume
  • Multi-purpose (diffusers, ceramics, incense burner)
  • Immediate scented atmosphere
  • White and luminous floral perfume 
  • Recyclable glass bottle
  • Bottle 15 ml

NER-005 | Available - 48-72h shipping
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A perfect balance

- All the liveliness and freshness of Neroli's essence

Adulated by the Queen of Nerola, who used it abundantly, neroli exudes tender fragrances, a true cocoon of well-being. The queen filled her bath with orange blossoms to embalm her body, her clothes, her gloves and her Roman palace with that sacred odor. The Neroli name was given to this perfume to pay tribute to the story of Nerola and the royal family.


A graceful gold-haloed star, Neroli’s essence fills the house with an elegant, sensual and enveloping halo.


How to use

My refresher oil
  • On your Estéban ceramics: Pour a few drops directly on your ceramic to revive the scent of it.

  • In your perfume mist diffuser: Pour a few drops mixed with water into your diffuser, turn it on to enjoy your favorite fragrance.

+Regulatory information
Contains citronellol, geraniol, iso-E-super, benzyl salicylate, lyral, boisambrene forte, cis-p-menthan- 7-ol, MMDHCA, piperonal, geranyl acetate, (R)-p-mentha-1, 8-diene, 2,4-dimethyl-3-cyclohexen- 1-carboxaldehyde, α-hexylcinnamic aldehyde, linalool, may cause an allergic skin reaction

A shiny floral


Neroli is based around rather fruity and clean head notes. Cassis and Sicilian bergamot agree for an imminent olfactory pleasure.
Floral notes are present from the heart notes that consist of neroli, white geranium and jasmine.


This floral accord of white and soft flowers favors the delicacy of the perfume.
Finally, the base notes that form the personality of the fragrance are composed of aromas of patchouli and musky notes.


They tested it, they liked it

Refresher oil 15 ml
  • Fabrication 100% française
  • Utilisation intérieure
  • Diffusion permanente à froid

J adore


Puissant et agréable


Au top


Comme d'habitude un vrai bonheur je le recommande à 100%


J'adore ce pzrfum


Super senteur . Mon préféré


tres bien conforme à mes attentes


Bon odeur.


Il sens troooop bon


Pas d autre mot que j adooooore et j en mets dans toutes les pièces de la maison Un bonheur de sentir ce parfum en arrivant chez soi


Refresher oil 15 ml
SKU : NER-005
Available - 48-72h shipping