• Indian incenses
  • Indian incenses
  • Indian incenses
  • Indian incenses
  • Indian incenses
  • Indian incenses
  • Encens indiens
  • Encens indiens
Encens indiens

Terre d'agrumes
Indian incenses

  • Craft manufacturing
  • Natural components
  • Break of light scented smoke
  • Woody citrus perfume

TEA-013 | Available - 48-72h shipping
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Citruses sun-drenched

-Freshness and happiness

“On this land flourish orchards. At the foot of Mount Etna, their sun-drenched citrus gives us a sparkling treasure of freshness to illuminate your home.”


Citrus ground, woody citrus scent, is a perfect balance between wood and citrus. Refreshing, this gourmet bouquet with Sicilian flavors will bring to your interior tonicity and lightness.


How to use

My perfumed incenses
  • Place your incense stick on an incense holder and turn it on.

  • After a few seconds, blow on the flame and let the incense burn to the end.

+Recommendations of use
Light the incense then blow out the flame. Do not let it burn unsupervised. Use the incense stick in an appropriate incense holder. Do not place directly on an unprotected surface. Do not burn incense in an inclosed space. Keep away from inflammable and non heat-resistant materials. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Use only in well-ventilated areas. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
+Regulatory information
Contains Bevat, cyclamen aldehyde, koavone, cyclopentadecanolide, citronellol, citral, cashmeran, limonenes, linalool, geraniol, may produce an allergic reaction.

A citrusy woody


The top notes of Terre d’Agrumes fragrance consist of a matching of 3 precious flavors, petitgrain, mandarin and bigarade.


The heart notes, which will further characterize the perfume, begin to build its character are derived from green tea and jasmine. A homogeneous alloy of complementary materials that gives the fragrance its citrus side.


Finally, the citrus ground notes that reveal its unique personality and contribute to its woody side, are extracted from cedar and musks.


They tested it, they liked it

Indian incenses
  • Utilisation intérieure
  • Intensité de diffusion : Intermédiaire

fraicheur subtile mais efficace, je recommande




Toujours aussi quali !


tres agréable


Très bon produit


Bon parfum


Premier achat. Contente


Bon parfum


Je connaissais le produit


J adore toute ma maison sent très bon . On brûle un bâton d encens le soir et le lendemain matin la maison sent bon


Terre d'agrumes
Indian incenses
SKU : TEA-013
Available - 48-72h shipping