• Mon bambou zen vase décoratif à  parfumer
  • Mon bambou zen vase décoratif à  parfumer
Mon bambou zen vase décoratif à  parfumer

Sunshine Monoï
Bamboo scented bouquet with scented refill 100 ml

  • Decorative vase
  • The Sunshine Monoï perfume refill 100 ml is included

This set includes:

> 1 bamboo vase + 1 cover
> perfume sticks 100 % vegetal
> 2 decorative wooden sticks
> 1 scented bouquet refill with the Sunshine monoï fragrance 100 ml

To diffuse a pleasant fragrance throughout your interior, simply:
1 - Open the refill for scented bouquet 100 ml and insert the ESTÉBAN perfume sticks directly into it.
2 - Open the bamboo vase and place the refill containing the perfume sticks into it.
3 - Put the cover on the vase.
4 - Add the two decorative wooden sticks in the slots on the cover.

Do not pour the liquid directly into the bamboo vase.

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A sensory and olfactory journey under the sun of the Pacific Islands

-Like a perfume of paradise ...

Estéban completes its range of perfumes of the universe Nature with a warm perfume, which breathes the summer, the sun and the well-being. The Monoï Soleil perfume will make you travel deep into the tropics. Plan between sandy beaches, palm trees and bright sun. Bring the sun into your interior.


Monoi sun faithfully reflects the smell of the tiare flower. This fragrance is a sweet wake that plunges us directly into a climate of appeasement. It makes us think of another universe.


The Monoï Soleil perfume could be described as a perfume of paradise, like the caress of the trade winds warming the house.


How to use

My scented bouquet
  • Pour the perfume directly into the pot, to cover about 1 cm of the bottom.

  • Insert the stems into the pot to diffuse its aroma. The fragrance diffuses for about 6 weeks.

  • To optimize the diffusion, have the stems dance regularly.

  • Your perfume recharges at the end of the cycle!

+Recommendations of use
Keep the refill for the indicated purpose. Do not place the stalks on an unprotected surface. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
+Regulatory information
Contains benzyl salicylate, linalyl acetate, geraniol, limonene, citronellol, geranyl acetate, may produce an allergic reaction

A touch

of heaven

The products of the Monoï Soleil collection prolong the feeling of travel and sun.


The perfumed bouquet and its decorative stem make reference for example to the tiare flower and to the Pacific islands. The dazzling blue tones used on the products of the Monoï Soleil range echo the vibrant color of the waters of the paradisiacal islands.


Bring some sun with you.

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Bamboo scented bouquet with scented refill 100 ml
Sunshine Monoï
Bamboo scented bouquet with scented refill 100 ml
SKU : DMS-012
Available - 48-72h shipping