• Scented candle 500 g
  • Scented candle 500 g
Scented candle 500 g

Benzoin & Musks
Scented candle 500 g

  • Reduced price
  • Diffusion according to your desires
  • Craft manufacturing
  • 100% natural wax
  • Candle 500 g
  • 3 wicks
  • Oriental-Ambery perfume

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A trip to the heart of the Orient

-Escape and precious materials

The contemporary universe Elessens marries purity of lines and games of transparency.


Its dense and airy fragrances bring a new relief, to live the interior fragrance as a new
a source of elegance, a new pleasure for the senses at home.


Benzoin & Musks is a collection that pays tribute to the richness of oriental balms. A divine fragrance that warms your mood and makes it precious.


How to use

My scented candle
  • Before burning your candle, make sure the wick is straight so that the wax can melt evenly.

  • Light your candle and be sure to leave it on long enough to have a maximum of its liquid surface.

  • It is advisable to leave your 170g candle lit for 1 to 3 hours.

  • To extinguish your candle, dip the wick in wax with a small support and straighten it centered before the wax solidifies.

+Regulatory information
Contains citronellol, alphamethylcinnamaldehyde, cinnamic alcohol, 4-tert-butylcyclohexyl acetate, d-limonene, alphapinene, cinnamic aldehyde, may produce an allergic reaction.

An oriental ambered


A fragrance combining abundance, richness of balms, illuminated by the clarity of white musks.

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Benzoin & Musks
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Scented candle 500 g
  • Fabrication 100% française
  • Intensité de diffusion : Intermédiaire
Benzoin & Musks
Scented candle 500 g
SKU : EOR-027
There are not enough products in stock