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  • Spray 50 ml
Spray 50 ml

Teck et Tonka
Mini scented candle 70 g

  • Reduced price
  • Diffusion according to your desires
  • Craft manufacturing
  • 100% vegetable wax
  • Candle 70g
  • Soft spicy woody perfume

TET-100 | Available - 48-72h shipping 2019-03-04
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A finely balanced fragrance

-Perfect osmosis of heat and spices

Souvenir of Africa, reddened laterite track, wooden houses full of spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, clove … waiting for loading for other continents. Teck & Tonka recomposes this accord, one of the most delicious in the history of perfumes.


Enjoy the inimitable combination of vibrant spices, hot woods and hot balsams.


How to use

My scented candle
  • Before burning your candle, make sure the wick is straight so that the wax can melt evenly.

  • Light your candle and be sure to leave it on long enough to have a maximum of its liquid surface.

  • It is advisable to leave your 170g candle lit for 1 to 3 hours.

  • To extinguish your candle, dip the wick in wax with a small support and straighten it centered before the wax solidifies.

+Regulatory information
Contains koavone, cyclopentadecanolide, cedrol methyl ether, eugenol, alpha-methylcinnamaldehyde, coumarin, cinnamaldehyde, isoeugenol, may produce an allergic reaction.

A woody spicy


When a freshness of zest and spices mixed with dried fruits accompanies the warmth of sandalwood and teak warmed by a background of blond tobacco, tonka and vanilla.


Teck & Tonka is a finely balanced fragrance between sweetness, brought by its top notes, and power, by its base notes.
An Amber facet harmonizes the whole of the perfume and the Tonka Bean softens it with a very natural, sweet, slightly balsamic, smoky, almond scent.

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Teck et Tonka
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Mini scented candle 70 g
  • Intensité de diffusion : Intense
  • Utilisation intérieure
  • Fabrication 100% française

Je découvre


Dommage, senteur moins forte qu'avant




Excellente idée pour des petits cadeaux et faire connaître ce parfum que j'utilise depuis près de 30 ans, sous toutes ses formes'


Teck et Tonka
Mini scented candle 70 g
SKU : TET-100
Available - 48-72h shipping