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one of them is a gift to my boyfriend

Bamboo sticks Collection : Ebène & Cuir

Ref : EBC-006

€ 6.90

€ 3.25

In stock  - Shipped within 24-48h (working days)

20 sticks. Length 30 cm - 11.7 in.



Light a stick and let yourself be carried away on the soft curls of incense

The product bonus

Our Indian incense sticks are made by craftsmen using natural components: natural vegetal binder, bamboo sticks and wood powder, steam-treated stick. Contains no pesticides, no chemical glue, colorant-free. Burning time: approx. 45 minutes per stick.


Arrange on one of our incense holders.


A leathery and ambery woody perfume
Lead notes: cardamome, davana
Heart notes: vetiver of Java, liquorice wood
Base notes: ciste Labdanum, oud accord

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