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Tolu Balm

Tolu Balm

La fragrance santal Esteban

Over their thousand-year lives, these trees have become impregnated with the world around them.

Their bark, marked with scratches and wounds, releases tears of amber, supple and pliable, long held captive. 

They are modest, concealing their transparency under a golden sheen. Inexorably dragged down, these drawn-out pearls acquire various colours and scents during their long, controlled slide down the trunk.

To protect the memories they imprison over time, they become thicker and clouded. Under their hardened shell, they become the guardians of olfactory treasures.

To liberate these rich captive memories, one can use fire (destabilised by the flames, the resin melts and surrenders its secrets in long whorls of incense) or the expert hands of perfumers and their creative secrets.

Estéban's Baume Tolu, a generous unguent, brings out on the skin the opulent, colourful glories of luxuriant forests, which it held in its rocky coating…

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