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Perfume mist diffuser - Black timer EditionVisualiser

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Perfume mist diffuser - Black timer Edition

Ref : CMP-146

€ 69.00

including 0.07 € ecotax.

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16 x 13 cm - 6.2 x 5 in. Luminous and olfactory alarm clock. Captivating light and water effects.



Very easy to program, the perfume mist diffuser - BLACK TIMER EDITION is ideal to fragrance your home whenever you wish. At your chosen time, the light will turn on and diffusion will begin: a perfect combination for a gentle start of your day, or to enjoy a beautifully fragranced interior when you get home.

Enjoy a brand new experience with the next-generation alarm clock that is the perfume mist diffuser BLACK TIMER EDITION.
Olfactory and luminous, it awakens you with a soothing, subtly perfumed ambiance every morning thanks to its luminous colour effects and soft waves of fragrance.

Diffusion time : 30 min, 60 min, 120 min, 180 min, Non stop (5-7 h).

Product guaranteed according to the legislation in force upon presentation of the receipt or any other proof of the purchasing date.

The product bonus

100% design, this ornamental device is both understated with its touch-activated keys and captivating with its light and water effects. The perfume mist diffuser BLACK TIMER EDITION combines high-quality fragrance diffusion with a timer programming system so you can wake up with a fragranced atmosphere or enjoy perfume diffusion at the set time of your choice.


This diffuser is specially designed to operate with Estéban refresher oils for high-quality fragrance. Even in large spaces, it reproduces all the subtlety of the perfume, expressing the liveliness of the top notes, the richness of the heart notes and the depth of the base notes. This diffuser also operates with some essential oils.

Read the use instructions leaflet carefully before starting the diffuser.