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Fragrance refill 500 ml for bouquetVisualiser

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Fragrance refill 500 ml for bouquet Collection : Esprit de thé

Ref : THE-084

€ 29.90

In stock  - Shipped within 2-3 working days

Bottle 500 ml - 16 fl. oz.



The refill extends the life of your scented bouquet. Each reed diffuser has its refill, but you can combine the perfumes in any way you like.

The product bonus

Denatured alcohol, contains no phthalates, recyclable plastic bottle, French manufacture.


When you put your scented refill in place, remember to use a new set of vegetal sticks as well.


A flowery-transparent tea perfume
Lead notes: coriander, nutmeg, saffron
Heart notes: green tea, magnolia, sakura
Base notes: vetiver, gaiac wood

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