Creating a harmonious atmosphere at home that is as beautiful to look at as it is pleasant to live in: this is a fairly good description of our brand mission. This desire to live in harmony with our natural or human environment is a criterion that constantly informs our choices, throughout the entire company. Below we present our progress and our commitments in terms of:

Environmental Responsability

Aware that we operate in a world where everything is linked, Nature has always lied at the heart of our creative process.

1. We promote the eco-design of our products by :
> Favouring the integration of bio-sourced materials, (vegetable alcohol for our perfumed bouquets, 100% vegetable wax for our candles, rattan for the perfume stems from our Nature Universe, mulberry paper for our perfume flowers and wood from sustainably managed forests for our perfume trees).
> Encouraging refillability (candles, wood and perfume refills), an economic and environmentally friendly gesture.
> Reducing non-legitimate over-packaging and favoring recyclable materials.
> nvesting in Research & Development so that our ingredients and formulas are always developed with respect for health and the environment.

2. We are working to reduce our environmental impact thanks to our new production site equipped with a cleaning process using our own vegetable raw materials, in order to limit the use of detergents.

3. We financially support associations committed to environmental protection by continuing our commitment with One Percent for the Planet on our Spring-Summer 2021 collection from the Nature Universe.


Economic Responsability

Through our choices and actions, contribute to:
4. To develop employment at a regional level thanks to strong local roots in France, while ensuring inclusive recruitment.
5. Make quality a priority to avoid waste and promote better consumption. Our Customer and Quality Services respectively show a service rate of 99.4% and a satisfaction rate of 97.8% on the Estéban online store.
6. Forge long-term commercial relationships with our customers and partners, and thus create virtuous exchanges.

Social Responsability


Be it inside or outside the company, Estéban claims a strong human and solidarity commitment by:
7. Paying close attention to equality within the company (gender equality index of 97/100 on 1st March 2020).
8. Enhancing the working environment and thereby strengthen well-being and safety, in the same way as our business expertise
9. Establishing partnerships with universities and schools in our region.
10. Volunteering to take part in local humanitarian and environmental initiatives during company days.
11. Contributing to the collective effort during major societal crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, by adapting our production facilities to the manufacture of hydro-alcoholic solutions.

It is up to us to write the next chapter in this changing society ... So will you take the progress train with us?

*CSR : Corporate Social Responsibility