• RRefinement
    Sublime treasures

    The elegance of the materials, the beauty of the detail are found as much in the olfactory signature of our perfumes as in the decorative objects which sublimate it.

    Estéban perfumes are exclusive creations with protected formulas, highly loyal perfumes, always raised with a touch of audacity and originality.

  • SSharing
    Living well together

    The perfume is a universal message to share emotions and promote the art of living together.

    Decorative objects that seduce the eye as much as they charm the senses, being accomplices of all interiors, every moment.

    Each universe carries a vision that expresses itself as much by its scents as by the symbolic significance of its style.

  • D Demand & innovation
    Product quality

    And if the real luxury was to be able to design the products that we love, without concessions, for your pleasure and your satisfaction? This dream we pursue from the beginning.


    In 35 years of existence, we invented microporous ceramics, popularized the use of Japanese incense, been a forerunner in the perfume of the 100% vegetable wax candle and gave all its acclaim to the scented bouquet, with always in wire our perfumer’s job.

  • FFrench know-how
    Craft & Authentic

    French craftsmanship combined with mastery of the industrial tool. More than 90% of products are made in France with a selection of noble materials (wood, glass, ceramic) for more authenticity.

    Born from the perfume that nourishes our soul, we go from common sense to inspiration. That’s why our products are true: authenticity of materials, bias of creation, fidelity to our tastes and passions.

  • R Respect for nature
    Respect de l’environnement

    Aware that we live in a world where everything is linked, the environment has always been an important part of our creative process. Every day, respecting nature and its resources, we respect those for whom we create, your fidelity attests to it.

    Thus, we move forward, guided by our commitments and convictions, to satisfy you today and make you dream tomorrow. 35 years is only a beginning, our common future is still to write …