• SScented candles
    Exclusive know-how

    Ever since, all our scented candles are made in France in our workshops and composed of 100% natural wax without dye and a wick in pure cotton.

  • By combining fragrance and light, the candle immediately creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

    For all tastes and moments, Estéban has created a wide selection of scented candles, from the most refined to the most chic.

  • The most of our scented candles

    The perception of the perfume of our candles is as qualitative cold as hot.
    To limit our impact on the environment, all cases and glasses of our candles are recyclable.
    All 170 g candles from our Classic Collections are infinitely refillable thanks to our refills for scented candles.

  • The perfumer’s trick:

    To extinguish your candle and preserve the scent, immerse the wick of the candle for a few seconds in the wax with a small support.
    Cut the wick regularly to keep it about 1/2-inch and make sure it is still centered.

  • SScented bouquets
    Exclusive know-how

    Mix of materials, shapes and colors, our bouquets diffuse pleasant fragrant accords in your home for several weeks.

    For all tastes and interiors, Estéban offers a wide choice of bouquets from the purest to the most chic, as well as a wide choice of refills and perfumes.

  • The stregnths:

    Easygoing, this must-have decorative object integrates harmoniously into every room of the house. It diffuses alone the perfume of your choice during weeks.
    For a bouquet that never fades, opt for a new pair of stems and scented solution (100 or 250 ml), after the first use.

  • The perfumer’s trick:

    Depending on the desires, moments and atmospheres of the house, easily dose the intensity of the diffusion of the perfume.
    For a stronger scent, just turn the stems once in a while.
    For a subtle and light atmosphere, it is advisable to remove some stems.

  • The quality info:

    Perfume rods: 100% vegetable
    Scented solution: French manufacture, denatured alcohol without phthalate.

  • RRoom sprays
    Exclusive know-how

    Imagined, developed and developed in our workshops in France, the vaporizer has the same qualities and olfactory subtleties as our perfumes for oneself. The development of its perfume lasts between 3 and 12 months, depending on its complexity.

  • The room spray is the medium that offers the greatest subtlety in the perception of a scented composition.
    It exalts the discovery of the top notes, then the heart and finally the bottom of the perfume, especially when it comes to scents with fresh, aromatic or hesperidic notes.

  • Without preservatives, it is composed of denatured alcohol without phthalate. Its bottle and its case are recyclable.
    In a few gestures, instantly perfume your interior by spraying towards the ceiling (never within 30 cm of textiles or furniture). With daily use, your favorite fragrance envelops curtains, cushions and carpets in no time.

  • PPerfumed ceramics
    Exclusive know-how

    Once upon a time … Estéban’s scented ceramics. Ceramics is an exclusive know-how mastered by Estéban for more than 30 years. Cut, pressed or chiseled, it changes shape and color to immerse you in the heart of a story, an olfactory universe. In our workshops, precious lands are born …

  • Matter comes to life: It is a meticulous alchemy where the master ceramist merges the earth with water to bring it to life. she marries shapes and volumes: For each collection, Estéban creates new forms. A ballet orchestrated between the tool and the human hand for a perfect finish. It is colored and adorned: Once formed, the piece is decorated to measure. Reliefs, hollows or enamelling, as many finishes as the imagination to tell the story of the collection.

  • It acquires strength and character: The cooking, elixir of long life for the ceramic, keeps the parts at very high temperature to ensure duration and quality. It is filled with intoxicating scents: This is Estéban’s perfume secret, an impregnation at heart for a fragrance that is then released slowly, for a very long time. It charms our senses: Like precious stones, ceramics are weighed and assembled in our workshops, in France near Montpellier, thanks to the experienced hands of our teams. Each object becomes unique and authentic.

  • All raw ceramic residues generated during manufacturing are stored and recycled. Our ceramic is reparfumable, as many times as you like, thanks to a few drops of our perfume concentrate.

  • She composes our scented ceramics boxes and our lucky charms. What lasting perfume your interior a touch of decoration that looks like you …