The story behind the brand

A tireless storyteller, Jean-Max Estéban loved to tell the tale of how the company named after him began with love at first sight: that of an aviation enthusiast and explorer at heart with a young, perfume-loving artist.

To win her over, he designed delicately decorated totems that he perfumed to the core with precious notes. His desire: share his emotions with her and show her the infinite poetry of the world when seen from above.

After a trip to Africa, they created Teck & Tonka: a woody-spicy collection imbued with African art, which conjured up memories of red dirt tracks and wooden houses permeated with spices.


The rest of their story is marked by a series of encounters and friendships. Friend and stylist Primrose Bordier, the queen of colour, quickly embellished the initial collections and convinced them to expand on their creations.

Collection after collection, accessory after accessory, the company reinvented the art of perfumery and continued to spread its wings. Its poetry-permeated perfumesaccessories continued to captivate the eyes just as much as the senses.

For more than 35 years, they have been given and received with emotion, telling a story and creating connections.

Estéban continually creates irresistible perfumes that are friends, accomplices and to which we become attached because they make our lives and homes more beautiful.

  • Creation of Estéban company

    Invention of microporous ceramics scented at heart.

  • Opening
    1st export market in Japan

    At Estéban, strong ties intimately unite France and Japan. Estéban perfumes have been distributed in Japan since 1985. Since then, a sustainable partnership has been established between Estéban & Nippon Kodo, ancestral company supplying Japanese incense to the Imperial Court of Japan.

  • Launch
    Cèdre collection

    Cèdre is an iconic creation. It is a totem collection of messages, a characteristic fragrance of Estéban's know-how.

  • Opening
    1st shop in Paris

    It is in Saint Germain des Prés, in the heart of Paris, that the first Estéban boutique opens, in an area full of magic and mystery.

  • Concept
    100% natural wax

    Nature is at the heart of the creative process, with a careful choice of components: 100% natural wax candles and pure cotton wicks.

  • Creation
    1st candle refill

    The first refills for scented candles integrate Estéban's desire to place the environment at the center of its development. The majority of products are perfumes, most of the bottles, packagings and cases are recyclable.

  • First collection

    A rare elixir, the perfume is an alchemy. Subjects such as the words of a poetic vocabulary harmonize according to a scholarly grammar. For the formula to become magical it takes a skin ... your skin! For a wake to your image, discover in a few words the olfactory family that suits you ...

  • Launch
    Scented bouquets

    Easygoing, this must-have decorative object integrates harmoniously into every room of the house. It diffuses alone the perfume of your choice during weeks.

  • Innovation
    Perfumed mist diffusers

    In its desire for innovation, Estéban integrates a collection of fragrance mist diffusers into its range. They create a pleasantly scented and soothing atmosphere in your home: light and refreshing mist, murmur of water.

  • 25 Years

    Celebrating its 25 years, Estéban dresses its iconic products with golden threads. While a tree with elegant materials comes to life to perfume your interior with poetry.

  • New Universe
    Elessens, contemporary universe

    Timeless and unpublished, this collection marry purity of the lines and games of transparency. Its fragrances both dense and airy bring a new relief, to live the indoor fragrance as a new a source of elegance, a new pleasure for sense at home.

  • New plant
    Estéban moves

    Estéban inaugurates its new production plant in Lavérune, Hérault, where more than 90% of our products are made.

  • et Estéban vous prépare
    encore de belles surprises parfumées...