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La fragrance cuir Esteban

Warm, smoky, tarry, sometimes animal, sometimes woody… these are the words used to describe a leathery perfume.
Since the very beginning, leather has been associated with the perfumers' art.

In the 17th century, master glove-makers became perfumers too. The perfumes they created were aimed at "camouflaging" the acrid smells of tanned hides.
Flower and wood-based fragrances are superimposed on this leathery ground, blending this smoky animal note with the most delicate compositions.

Another important stage in the history of perfumery that influenced the use of leathery notes was the association of chemistry and perfumery at the end of the 19th century.
The discovery of artificial notes gave rise to modern perfumery and opened the way for new less figurative, more sophisticated notes. Leather no longer embodied the memory of cossacks' boots but rather a chased material produced from refined hides. This is the facet that Cuir d'Estéban brings out under its torrent of fresh spices: chased leather.

While the leather note rarely plays the starring role (it often provides the base, rounding, warming and giving character to chypre, woody or oriental perfumes ), Estéban makes it the creative mainstay of its Cuir eau de toilette. The other substances present are finely balanced to enhance the different facets: amber accentuates the sensual aspect of leather, while vetyver and patchouli strengthen the dry woody character.
It is this vegetal-animal tension that gives Cuir d'Estéban its refined nature. 

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