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Customer service 

For almost 30 years, we have shared with our customers a common passion for perfume.

The Estéban brand is the fruit of a rich human endeavour that combines its know-how every day to offer you authenticity, high standards, innovation and respect, from our creative teams, our perfumers, our manufacturing teams and our skilled technicians.

The Estéban team's Customer service is happy to hear from you and will answer all your questions, whatever the subject.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we do our utmost to guarantee it.

Before you send any questions to our Customer service, we would suggest a visit to our FAQ section.
Many issues are tackled there, and you will be able to get an immediate answer to some of your questions.

Contact us by e-mail or by mail, we will answer you as soon as possible.

Internet Customer Service
BP 15 - ZI Sud
34880 Lavérune