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Ebène & Cuir

Ebène & Cuir - Home fragrances

A leathery and ambery woody perfume.

Dense precious wood, soft and sensual suede leather...

Ebony and leather are two of those fascinating materials that jealously guard their inimitable essences.

Only that skilled alchemist, the perfume maker, is capable of revealing their hidden secrets; only he can pay tribute to that captivating blend by recreating a warm leathery fragrance with woody notes inviting you into a world of calm, luxury, and intimacy.

Be seduced by Ébène & Cuir on Youtube   

Discover ebony and leather home fragrances

8 Product(s)

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  • Bamboo sticks

    Ebène & Cuir Bamboo sticks

    € 6.90
  • EBC-022_n1.jpg

    Ebène & Cuir Perfumed good luck charm

    € 12.90
  • Refill for scented bouquet

    Ebène & Cuir Refill for scented bouquet

    € 19.90
  • Refillable scented candle 170 g

    Ebène & Cuir Refillable scented candle 170 g

    € 25.90
  • Refresher oil 15 ml

    Ebène & Cuir Refresher oil 15 ml

    € 9.90
  • Scented bouquet Triptyque

    Ebène & Cuir Scented bouquet Triptyque

    € 44.90
  • Spray 100 ml

    Ebène & Cuir Spray 100 ml

    € 24.90
  • Spray 50 ml

    Ebène & Cuir Spray 50 ml

    € 14.90

8 Product(s)

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