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Eau de parfum 100 ml - CubacaoVisualiser

  • Eau de parfum Cubacao

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Eau de parfum 100 ml - Cubacao Collection : Empreinte

Ref : CPA-107

€ 120.00

Soon available  - Shipped within 24-48h (working days)

Spray 100 ml – 3.3 us. fl. oz.



Cubacao makes both feminine and masculine notes merge.
Dark chocolate and white flowers awake a sensual bitterness, a desire hidden in our olfactory memories.

The product bonus

A fragrance that interlaces feminine and masculine aromas.
From the very first seconds, the elegance of infused floral notes blends with the pure extra black of cocoa beans. A singular association of sensual bitterness continues on a base of sweet vanilla, silky wood and tobacco leaves. This gourmet fragrance playing with virility andsensuality awakes a desire buried in our olfactory memory. It is a journey of intense sensory escape.



Lead notes: bergamot, cardamom, heliotropeflower
Heart notes: sambac jasmin, Cocoa beans, Tonka bean
Base notes: woody-ambery, tobacco leaves, vanilla


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