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The perfume mist multi-functional diffuser

Discover the benefits of the Esteban's diffusers' family 

Estéban combines high quality perfumes with a humidifying mist and the cozy atmosphere of coloured lights.
A “new generation” diffuser that flatters our senses with essences of fine fragrances to create moments of unique olfactive and visual pleasure... and a feeling of total tranquillity!


The diffuser is specifically designed to work with Estéban's refresher oils. It also works with essential oils used in aromatherapy.
The diffuser gives full expression to the depth and subtlety of Estéban's perfumes by restoring the full vivacity of the head notes, the rich generosity of the heart notes and the underlying poise of the base notes. 
More than 30 fragrances are available in the form of refresher oils to create an infinite number of olfactive destinations for lovers of fine fragrances. Which destination will you choose?

Just a few drops of refresher oil placed in the small water container will rapidly embrace even large indoor areas in a world of exquisite fragrance.



A designer object capable of matching every impulse and mood. 
Gentle coloured tones glow in shades of blue, red or green…
The colours can be set to follow in succession or, alternatively, a single colour may be chosen, giving customers the freedom to create their own scented atmosphere.



A powerful ultrasound technology in which water and scent mix to form a fresh and fragrant mist. The mist begins to diffuse as soon as the device is switched on.



With or without the light, the diffuser is the faithful partner of well-being and peace of mind…

The ideal way to relax and recharge your batteries, especially in winter! Simply close your eyes, listen to the gentle murmur of the water, feel the soft caress of the mist that embalms the atmosphere and humidifies the, at times, excessively dry air in our homes…

Programmable to operate sequentially or non-stop, the diffuser switches itself off automatically when all the water is transformed into mist