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Figue noire

Figue noire - Home fragrances

A fruity woody perfume.

The black fig appears, jewel like, beneath its majestic leaves. Its soft skin protects a juicy pulp within, the irresistibly warm temperament of the Mediterranean at its heart. The treasure of its fragrance is distilled to beautify your home. 

The intense fruity fragrance of black figs, combined with the freshness of its beautful green serrated leaves, on an elegant woody leathery accord recalling the tree and warmth of the Mediterranean.

Be seduced by Figue Noire on Youtube    

Discover black fig home fragrances

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  • New

    Cèdre Scented bouquet initial

    € 19.90
  • New
    Fragrance refill 500 ml for bouquet

    Figue noire Fragrance refill 500 ml for bouquet

    € 29.90
  • New
    My perfume tree gift set

    Figue noire My perfume tree gift set

    € 37.00
  • New

    Figue noire Scented sachet

    € 6.50
  • FIG-006_n1.jpg

    Figue noire Bamboo sticks

    € 6.90
  • FIG-009_n1.jpg

    Figue noire Perfumed good luck charm

    € 12.90
  • FIG-008_n1.jpg

    Figue noire Refill for scented bouquet

    € 19.90
  • FIG-013_n1.jpg

    Figue noire Refill for scented candles - New size 170 g

    € 16.90
  • FIG-012_n1.jpg

    Figue noire Refillable decorative scented candle

    € 34.90
  • FIG-001_n1.jpg

    Figue noire Refillable scented candle 170 g

    € 24.90
  • FIG-004_n1.jpg

    Figue noire Refresher oil

    € 9.90
  • FIG-007_n1.jpg

    Figue noire Scented bouquet Triptyque

    € 44.90
  • FIG-002_n1.jpg

    Figue noire Spray 100 ml

    € 24.90
  • FIG-003_n1.jpg

    Figue noire Spray 50 ml

    € 14.90

17 Product(s)

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