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My perfume tree gift set with two refillsVisualiser

My perfume tree gift set with two refills Collection : Fir & Exquisite Amber

Ref : ELN-010

€ 34.90

€ 24.43

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Perfume your home with a decorative fragrant environment thanks to the Fir & Exquisite Amber Perfume Tree. Inspired from Nature, designed by ESTÉBAN, this poetic ornament will be at home in all types of interiors. It continuously releases, day after day, a delightful woody ambery perfume. 


To ensure an effective perfume diffusion, place the perfume tree in medium-sized rooms (≈ 15m²), let time enough for the wood to dry and for the scent to evaporate before refilling.

To transform the components into a perfume tree, you just need to:
- pour some of the scented refill into the base
- put the wood cap on the base
- place the trees in the slots ensuring that they are in contact with the perfume and that they touch the bottom of the base (/!\ the trees are delicate; handle with care)
- let impregnate the trees

The fragrance wills spread within a few hours and maintain a pleasant atmosphere day after day (lasting effects of fragrance differ according to the conditions of use: temperature, humidity rate…). When you first refill the ceramic base, the wood tress will absorb the fragrance within a few days. The perfume tree will then continue to diffuse the fragrance long after the solution has disappeared. Indeed, the diffusion will continue although there is no more solution in the ceramic base once all of the fragrance has been absorbed. As wood is a porous material, the perfume tree must be perfumed with only one fragrance and may slightly colour itself when placed in contact with the scent.


A woody ambery perfume 

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