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Garden incensesVisualiser

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Garden incenses Collection : White Cotton

Ref : DBC-012

€ 9.90

In stock  - Shipped within 2-3 working days

10 garden incenses sticks XL



Enjoy a scented atmosphere in your garden, on your terrace or balcony with garden incenses from Estéban, a new life-size, olfactory pleasure, specially designed for exterior use. Ideal for evenings with friends, relaxing moments or gardening… releases a pleasant floral-green perfume. Burn time: around 2hrs/stick, according to the conditions of use.

The product bonus

Our Garden incenses are made by craftsmen using natural components: bamboo sticks, wood crushed on demand and natural vegetal binder. No glue - colorant-free


For exterior use only: place the incense stick in the ground or in a pot filled with sand (eg. flower pot, container…) away from flammable elements and sheltered from the wind. Light the incense extremity, blow to extinguish the flame and leave it to burn down gently.


The caress of a light breeze on a cotton flower with its fresh floral fragrance.
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