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Japanese incenseVisualiser

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Japanese incense Collection : Neroli

Ref : NER-020

€ 16.90

Soon available  - Shipped within 24-48h (working days)

40 sticks (Length 16 cm. - 6.2 in). Burning time: approx 15-25 minutes per stick.



Once it has burned down, the incense reveals its true perfume, leaving a fragrant wake for several hours.While burning, the incense creates a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for moment of cocooning. Burning time: approx 15-25 minutes per stick.

The product bonus

Our Japanese incense is produced by the world Japanese incense leader, supplier to the Imperial Court and possessor of manufacturing secrets going back over 400 years. Their composition based on natural materials: noble woods, plants, vegetal resins.


A white and luminous floral perfume

Lead notes: blackcurrant, bergamote of Sicily

Heart notes: neroli, white geranium, Jasmine

Base notes: patchouli, musky harmony

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