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My Cèdre scented wardrobeVisualiser

  • CED-146

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My Cèdre scented wardrobe Collection : Cèdre

Ref : CED-146

€ 19.90

In stock  - Shipped within 24-48h (working days)

3 perfumed wood pieces + 1 room spray (50ml)



Finally, a handy accessory in genuine red Cedar, with natural essences to care for you dearest garments while subtly and elegantly fragrancing your dressing room with a fresh-woody perfume.

Give style to your wardrobe with these wooden pieces, which can be hung in a closet or on a door handle, or simply placed in a drawer. A gift for yourself or someone else.

This set includes : 3 perfumed wood pieces + 1 room spray (50ml)

The product bonus

Its essence will care for even the most delicate of clothing.


The wooden pieces:
Regularly revive your scented wardrobe accessory with a few drops of Estéban Cèdre refresher oil on the wooden plate. Let dry before putting the wooden pieces back. Take off the protective film around the wooden plate before use. Avoid any direct contact with clothes.
As wood is a porous material, the wooden pieces must be perfumed with only one fragrance.

Home fragrance:
Give a fragrant identity by spraying the scent into the air, directing it towards the ceilling (never less than 30 centimetres away from fabrics and furniture). Thanks to a daily use, the fragrance will envelop curtains, pillows and rugs.


A fresh woody perfume
Lead notes: grapefruit, nutmeg
Heart notes: cedarwood, clove, patchouli
Base notes: sandalwood, balsam, vanilla

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