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Our values, your guarantees

Our values, your guarantees

The alchemy that created our Brand and has seen it grow and flourish wrote fundamental values in its genes.

High standards:  what if true luxury was the ability to design the products we love, with no concessions, for your pleasure and your satisfaction? We have pursued this dream since the very beginning.

Authenticity: sprang from the fragrance that nourishes our soul, we combine good sense and inspiration. 
That is why our products are real: authentic materials, conscious creative choices, loyalty to our tastes and our passions.

Innovationover 30 years of existence, we have invented micro-porous ceramic, we have been the forerunner of the scented candle produced with a 100% vegetal wax, we have popularised the use of Japanese incense onto European market, we have given back all the elegance to the scented bouquet with our core skill of perfumer as the main prevailing theme. 

Respectaware that we live in a world where everything is linked, the environment has always played a vital role in our creative approach. Every day, by respecting nature and its resources, we respect those for whom we create, as evidenced by your loyalty.

In this way, guided by our commitments and our convictions, we move forward to guarantee your satisfaction today and let you dream tomorrow. 30 years is just the beginning, our joint future remains to be written...