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In the past, the Sultans' favourites in the harems loved ambergris, rolling it under their feet and thinking it was the product of sea foam. The palaces were pervaded with the delicious fragrance of tea, candied fruits and sea. Its name in fact comes from the Arabic Anbar. 

Ambergris is secreted by the whale, originally a sort of dressing designed to treat internal wounds caused by a diet based on giant squid with their savage mouths. This substance roamed the ocean waves for long periods, giving its fragrance the slightly marine-algae tinge.

Nowadays, the use of ambergris is no longer allowed by the law.

The extraction method was not invasive as blocks of ambergris washed up on the beaches were collected, but production was too low for retail purposes.
Today’s amber is actually a composition in the same olfactory vein of warmth and depth. The substances that form this precious alliance generally include the following: benzoin, tolu balm, vanilla, myrrh, cistus… These round, generous notes gives persistence and opulence to the trails of amber perfumes.

Conscious of the warmth and intensity of amber notes, Estéban succumbed to its spell, going right to the gates of the Orient to imbue your home with an amber hesperidean trail and give your skin a golden shimmer with our Ambre eau de toilette and eau de parfum. 

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  • New
    Scented bouquet

    Amber & Starry Vanilla Scented bouquet

    € 29.90
  • New
    Scented candle Elessens

    Amber & Starry Vanilla Scented candle Elessens

    € 24.90
  • New
    Spray 100 ml Elessens

    Amber & Starry Vanilla Spray 100 ml Elessens

    € 19.90
  • AMB-084_n1.jpg

    Ambre Perfumed good luck charm

    € 12.90
  • Refillable decorative scented candle - New size 170 g

    Ambre Refillable decorative scented candle - New size 170 g

    € 34.90
  • Refresher oil 15 ml

    Ambre Refresher oil 15 ml

    € 9.90
  • Scented bouquet Triptyque

    Ambre Scented bouquet Triptyque

    € 44.90
  • Scented decorative bouquet

    Ambre Scented decorative bouquet

    € 34.90
  • AMB-080_n1.jpg

    Ambre Scented sachet

    € 6.50
  • amb-090_n1

    Ambre Spray 100 ml Limited Edition - Sauvage Chic

    € 19.90

    Soon available

  • Eau de parfum 50 ml - Ambre

    Les Matières Eau de parfum 50 ml - Ambre

    € 80.00
  • Eau de toilette 50 ml - Ambre

    Les Matières Eau de toilette 50 ml - Ambre

    € 60.00
  • CPA-072_n1.jpg

    Les Orientaux Eau de parfum 50 ml - Ambrorient

    € 80.00

13 Product(s)

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