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La fragrance cèdre Esteban

A majestic tree originating in the Middle East and the Himalayas, the cedar has acclimatized itself to growing in Europe and America. Its imposing outline gives the impression of a shelter with broad shoulders.
There are 4 cedar essences with distinct olfactory identities. In perfumery, the 2 essences most commonly used are those from Virginia and Texas.
They are in fact two species of cypress, and their wood shavings are distilled to produce an essential oil, with the characteristic smell of a "lead pencil": dry, green, resinous, dense and linear.

Estéban pays tribute to the beauty of this substance with a fragrance for the home or a pleasant way to rediscover the warmth of wood on your skin with Cédre eau de toilette or eau de parfum. 

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  • New

    Cèdre Scented bouquet initial

    € 19.90
  • CED-132_n2.jpg

    Cèdre My perfume tree gift set

    € 35.00
  • CED-135_n1.jpg

    Cèdre Perfumed good luck charm

    € 12.90
  • Refillable decorative scented candle - New size 170 g

    Cèdre Refillable decorative scented candle - New size 170 g

    € 34.90
  • Refresher oil 15 ml

    Cèdre Refresher oil 15 ml

    € 9.90
  • Scented wardrobe

    Cèdre Scented wardrobe

    € 4.95
  • Spray 100 ml

    Cèdre Spray 100 ml

    € 24.90
  • Spray 50 ml

    Cèdre Spray 50 ml

    € 14.90
  • Eau de parfum 50 ml - Cèdre

    Les Matières Eau de parfum 50 ml - Cèdre

    € 80.00

10 Product(s)

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