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Refillable decorative scented candle - New size 170 gVisualiser

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Refillable decorative scented candle - New size 170 g Collection : Ebène & Cuir

Ref : EBC-014

€ 34.90

Soon available  - Shipped within 24-48h (working days)

Approx 170 g. - 6 oz.



The simplicity of black set off by a sparkling yellow for an atmosphere that embraces the colours of the moment.

The product bonus

Attractive eco-friendly gifts! To be more environmentally friendly, 100% vegetal wax and pure cotton wick. To prolong the pleasure ad infinitum: each decorative candle can be replaced.


For trouble-free burning, use the candle in 1-3 hour sessions, centre the wick and cut it to 0.5 cm after using it each time. Plunge the candle wick in the wax for a few seconds to extinguish it, this helps to preserve the fragrant atmosphere.


A leathery and ambery woody perfume
Lead notes: cardamome, davana
Heart notes: vetiver of Java, liquorice wood
Base notes: ciste Labdanum, oud accord

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