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La fragrance rose Esteban

In the olden days, rose petals were strewn over the floor of Babylonian palaces.
They were stuffed in the mattresses of Persian Sultans and perfumed the water in ancient festivals, as well as refined jams and wines.

Now a vital flower, it forms part of many current perfume compositions. Either as a solo star or as the keystone of multicoloured bouquets, the rose is a noble lady courted by every perfumer. It brings a touch of poetry and romanticism to the powdery floral harmony of Angelic Flower eau de toilette.

Its origins: Provence (May Rose, Rosa Centifolia), Syria, the Balkans (Damascus Rose, Rosa Damascena).
It is also called Bulgarian gold.
Picking: The flowers are picked by hand early in the morning, before the delicate petals release their perfume in the overpowering heat of the day.

Did you know?
The best pickers can gather between 5 and 8 kg of petals in 1 hour. Given that it takes 5 tonnes of flowers to produce 1 kilo of essence, one hour's picking produces at the most one gram of essential oil. The complexity of the composition explains why the raw material of natural origin cannot be replaced in perfumery.  

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    Refresher oil Elessens

    White Rose & Orris Absolute Refresher oil Elessens

    € 9.90
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    Scented bouquet Elessens

    White Rose & Orris Absolute Scented bouquet Elessens

    € 29.90
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    Scented bouquet refill Elessens

    White Rose & Orris Absolute Scented bouquet refill Elessens

    € 14.90
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    Spray 100 ml  Elessens

    White Rose & Orris Absolute Spray 100 ml Elessens

    € 19.90
  • Scented candle Elessens

    White Rose & Orris Absolute Scented candle Elessens

    € 24.90

    € 12.45

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    Morning rose Garden incenses

    € 9.90

    € 4.95

  • DRM-004_n1.jpg

    Morning rose Scented candle

    € 14.90
  • DRM-010_n1.jpg

    Morning rose Scented sachet

    € 4.90

    € 2.94

  • DRM-003_n1.jpg

    Morning rose Spray 100 ml

    € 14.90
  • CPA-087_n1.jpg

    Les Boisés Eau de toilette 50 ml - Bois plume

    € 60.00

    € 48.00

  • CPA-042_n1.jpg

    Les Chypres Eau de toilette 50 ml - Modern Chypre

    € 60.00
  • CPA-057_n1.jpg

    Les Floraux Eau de toilette 50 ml - Angelic flower

    € 60.00

    € 48.00

15 Product(s)

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