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300ml Scented bouquet refillVisualiser

  • Recharge 300 ml Fleur d'Oranger

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300ml Scented bouquet refill Collection : Orange blossoms

Ref : DFO-015

€ 19.90

In stock  - Shipped within 24-48h (working days)

Recharge 300 ml.



The Orange blossoms scented solution refills help to prolong the life of your scented bouquet. Each scented bouquet has its own refill, but there is nothing to stop you from choosing a different perfume!

The product bonus

An environmentally-friend method.


You just need to: - pour the ESTÉBAN scented bouquet refill into the vase - put the cap on the vase - insert the ESTÉBAN perfume sticks through the cap like a bunch of flowers. The perfume will diffuse in a few hours. Tip from the perfumer: - for an intense perfume: turn the sticks or mix them up a little from time to time, - for a light perfume: use only a part of the vegetal sticks (between 8 and 10)
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