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My very own home fragrances essentials classic kit - 3 mini-sprays 13 mlVisualiser

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My very own home fragrances essentials classic kit - 3 mini-sprays 13 ml

Ref : KIT-015

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€ 15.00

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3 x 13ml travel sprays Esprit de thé, Orchidée blanche and Cèdre + a 100% cotton kit that you can re-use however you like.



Never without my mini-sprays, perfect to fragrance home, office…!
Your home fragrance travel kit will diffuse a natural, authentic and refined perfume. An inexhaustible source of wellbeing to share with others.
Ideal to carry your favourite perfumes with you when you’re away from home, enabling you to enjoy their fragrance whenever you desire (baggage, office, car...)
To offer or a treat for oneself.

The product bonus

The spray is the medium that offers the greatest subtlety in the perception of a perfumed composition. 100% French manufacture, perfume composed from natural ingredients, denatured alcohol, preservative-free product. Recyclable glass bottle.


This kit will assist you in all your travels or trips. Car, hotel, office, simply recreate your cocoon with a familiar fragrance in your home or enjoy the fragrant ambience to suit your mood.


3 fragrances for three emotions
- Esprit de thé: transparent notes promise purity and harmony for the home.
- Orchidée blanche: an elegant perfume full of contrast: voluptuous yet ethereal.
- Cèdre: escape to lands filled with the scents of wild and majestic nature.

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