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Vacuum fragranceVisualiser

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every hoovering

Vacuum fragrance Collection : Cèdre

Ref : CED-031

€ 9.90

In stock  - Shipped within 2-3 working days

Approx 150 g. - 5 oz.



A fragrant breeze blows through the house. Freshen the air in your home while you vacuum. What a way to make an essential household task more pleasant!


Pour one tablespoon of powder into the vacuum bag or sprinkle a small amount directly onto the carpet. Then, as you vacuum each room the fragrance is automatically released. Check out our full range of vacuum powders to vary the pleasure.


a fresh woody perfume

Lead notes: grapefruit, nutmeg

Heart notes: cedarwood, clove, patchouli

Base notes: sandalwood, balsam, vanilla

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